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    Productive Pre-screening

    How does it work?

    Record your screening questions

    You record your + hiring manager questions. When candidates call, they hear the questions in your voice.

    Send to as many applicants

    Candidates can call at a convenient time to answer. No more scheduling hassles for you. No more "calls from car" for them.

    Save Time Of Hiring Manager

    You and hiring team can listen to candidate answers. Make better use of everyone's time.

    You can still talk to the candidate before or after this step. But, with this step you definitely know the candidates your hiring team wants to proceed with!


    Use With Any ATS

    It works with your existing tools and platforms.

    No change to your existing hiring process

    Keep your existing pre-screening. Recruitring gives you are forcing function.

    Simple Pay-as-you-go pricing

    No lock-ins. No commitments.

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